Mr Breezy /// Sahara Beck

“Mr Breezy” is the new single by artist Sahara Beck. Her vocals shine bright on this track, with great production all around her to make for an enjoyable listen. This is her first tease of her new album due for release in 2023. The instrumental landscape of this song fits any vacation soundtrack. This song can shine in the warm, or the cold setting. 

On the chorus she sings, “Look at me, I’m Mr Breezy. Why don’t you need me, till after I’m gone?” Her vocals fit within the production perfectly for this chill pop track. This song feels like it could be played on any pop station in the United States, or the world, it’s that catchy. Sahara Beck has so much talent that her performance seems effortless. 

In a press release, Sahara Beck explains more about the person Mr Breezy might be. “He’s the guy who lulls you into a false sense of comfort and then tells you he isn’t ready for something serious, making you feel as though he never knew you in the first place and that he’s afraid of who you might actually be,” she said. Relationships, especially among young people, have their unique difficulties that change from generation to generation. However, being afraid of commitment is something that is not new. 

Shara Beck recently did shows in England and Scotland, as well as released music with artists such as Mell Hall and Purple Disco Machine. Her singing talent shines on Mr Breezy. 

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