Terrible Fight /// The Trusted

While in the throes of an impassioned battle, it is often difficult to see straight from the onslaught of emotional haymakers you may end up receiving. Blinded by a relentless mental bludgeoning, you stagger around in a punch drunk haze and wonder what you are even fighting for. Instead of a skirmish behind closed doors, it becomes a spectacle for all the world to see. On their latest single, “Terrible Fight,” indie rock band The Trusted are engaged in a knock down, drag out scuffle on this jangly and synth laden, breakup tune.

“Terrible Fight” puts up its dukes, but is forced to play defense against being pummeled by a vicious adversary. It’s a song about there being no winners, no final bell to outlast, only the ugliness of an antagonistic relationship. As much as it is bitter and contentious, it is unafraid to let everyone see how metaphorically bloodied they become in the aftermath. It is an unapologetically brutal breakup song that wants to make a scene. 

However, judging by how it opens, you would be right to mistake the synth loop accent for the intro to another chipper, pop rock song. Instead, “Terrible Fight” transforms into a jangly, gritty-ish indie rock jaunt. Together, it is lively while sustaining a churning, exasperated undercurrent that feeds into this swirling whirlpool of animosity.

As breakup songs go, “Terrible Fight” is as visceral as they come. On this tune, The Trusted puts forth a heavy hitting narrative that is an emotional punch to the gut. Not going through the motions, “Terrible Fight” is squarely amidst all of the rough times of a vexing, fiery dispute. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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