Heavy Cure /// The Silent Era

In spite of the implied stealthiness implied by their moniker, The Silent Era have opted to announce their arrival with authority. “Heavy Cure,” the debut single by the London-based alt-rock quartet, hits the ground running with a ferocious noise rock meets industrial-alternative presence. Suffice it to say, The Silent Era makes a heavyweight, first impression with a gritty intensity. 

At the start, we are met with a hefty, grinding reverb that picks up the tempo, incrementally. All the while, this shredding sound loops around as it gathers steam. Eventually, it uncoils itself to reveal a downtrodden, industrial-ish vibe after the initial cacophony subsides. On the whole, “Heavy Cure” prominently features a deep, unshakable bass that provides cover for this track’s shoegaze aspirations.

All told, “Heavy Cure” becomes a shoegaze-alt rock hybrid by using the intensity of its bass in an attempt to camouflage lead singer Bri Macanas’ vocals. However, no amount of sonic interference can obstruct Macanas’ exquisite vocal runs that leap out from behind this cloaking technique. Regular readers of this blog may recognize Macanas as the vocal lead of fellow alt-rock band, The Midnight Vortex. As opposed to the smoky, bluesy vocal style put forth on “Long Way Ahead,” Macanas is uninhibited and becomes spirited away by the all-out, sonic offensive of “Heavy Cure.”

If there ever was a track that met the meaning of its title in full, it would be “Heavy Cure.” The Silent Era offers up a more than admirable effort with a primal ferocity that is often kept aside from the spotlight in the mainstream. In the end, “Heavy Cure” packs a wallop that is much too hard to ignore.    

Written by Travis Boyer




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