Our History /// Shannon Hawley

At first read, the scope of our own shared history is minimized by our narrow-sighted view of the present. Stories of the past are looked upon as antiquated and irrelevant when contrasted with our modern sensibility. However, by being so shortsighted, we fail to recognize the through-line of history that connects past, present and, also, the future. Point Pleasant, NJ-based singer-songwriter Shannon Hawley’s new single, “Our History,” is deeply inquisitive about the interconnections between all things. Carrying with it an atmospheric, electro-alt rock melody, this track fulfills its own destiny by setting up a fathomless soundscape that frees the mental reins of the here and now.

“Our History” combines the bass tones of electronic notes with jagged, alt-rock riffs to compose a dark symphonic vibe. Altogether, it is a thought provoking medium born out of being immersed in the inky void between the living present and the deceased past. It beckons you to follow the threads of time back as far as they will reach. It’s the nimble, melodic base of its electro beats that completes the vastly introspective core of this track.

With Hawley’s soothing, dulcet tones as a guide, “Our History” examines everything down to the finest detail for its intrinsic value, including the “patch of grass” on which you stand. In an existential sense, it is about uncovering the path that time forgot, but has led you to this very place. The concluding refrain of “we’re always living with death” means that we are bound by time to carry the immortal torch of history until our time runs out. Altogether, “Our History” is about how time marches on, but leaves a trail for us to discover where we have been. 

On “Our History,” Hawley presents the concept of our shared history, but emphasizes how it can easily become lost within ourselves. With her softly affirming vocals, Hawley provides a much needed, earthly tone to this melodic, thought experiment. On the whole, “Our History” convinces you through electro-infused introspection that our past, present and future are more deeply connected than we could have ever imagined.

Written by Travis Boyer





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