Honey Trudge /// Anfang

If ‘moist’ is the most cringeworthy word in the English language, ‘sticky’ has to be right up there. Moisture can evaporate on its own, but a viscous substance takes more than a bit of scrubbing and a side of elbow grease to remove. “Honey Trudge,” the new single from Chicago-based hard rock band Anfang, is a dense slurry of bass and guitar licks that adheres to your auditory works. It is an altogether, head banging good time that no industrial grade solvent can ever dissolve. 

“Honey Trudge” lives up to part of its name with how profoundly plodding it is able to sound. Deep, pounding bass lines and pulsating drum hits lead this marching tune. While it is not a shambling strut, it does exude a high level of frenetic energy from a series of feverish guitar licks. Altogether, it creates this chunky concentration of sound that is so dense you need a diamond tipped drill to chisel your way through. 

Aside from the stadium shaking, earthquaking wall of sound from this track, lead singer Andie Zaragoza’s vocals consistently hit a fever pitch. At times, she is simmering with a seething tone, then explodes with a volatility to meet the “boiling” temperature this song gives off. Zaragoza’s resounding vocal range is what gives “Honey Trudge” an extra layer of unbridled intensity. 

If you’re looking for a track to amp your personal energy, then “Honey Trudge” delivers on that in an enormous way. All around, Anfang has created a track with loads of hype to spare. It is next to impossible not to be energized by this hard thumping cut.

Written by Travis Boyer






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