Going Under /// Tedworth

While channeling your innermost thoughts and feelings into something, there’s a certain level of catharsis that can come with it. As a result, this artistic byproduct becomes an extension of yourself, relieving you of some of the pain from the despair it was borne out of. Wisconsin-based indie artist Tedworth delves into his own sea of emotions in his new single, “Going Under.”

The origin story of “Going Under,” according to Theodore Vandenberg, a.k.a. Tedworth, comes from a time when he became “very depressive” about making music to the point of experiencing “suicidal thoughts.” However, he points to this very song as his “shining light,” hoping that it can guide others through the darkness as it did for him. In turn, “Going Under” is a form of alt-rock therapy, aggressively confronting Tedworth’s inner tumult with thrashing riffs and driving drum beats. 

“Going Under” is frantic enough to cause a mental stir, but just enough to get the wheels turning. It’s not completely full of terminal panic, but it isn’t in a place of peaceful zen either. It strives to maintain a level of uncertainty, especially within your own head. It thrives upon keeping you up on your toes, especially when it chooses to hit back with such ferocity. 

On the whole, “Going Under” is riding the wave, cresting and falling with each subsequent emotion that floods in. Nothing else encapsulates that more than relaying the feeling of “happy” one minute, then “sappier” the next. Every emotion is fleeting or “temporary” as Tedworth puts it. It’s a continuous state of upheaval that threatens to drag him down over and over again. Altogether, “Going Under” is a song about withstanding the lows, relishing the highs and trying to make peace with the war in your mind.

“Going Under” is commendable for transferring real life experience into a relatable work of art. Everyone’s experienced moments of doubt and Tedworth exemplifies how much of a torrent they can become. “Going Under” is supremely representative of what it is to be a thinking, feeling human being.

Written by Travis Boyer





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