Seven Wonders /// Electric High

When last we met Norwegian rock band, Electric High, they returned home from a trip to the stars and unleashed a party rock anthem in their wake. On their ambitious new single, “Seven Wonders,” the band tries on a hard rock opera for size. For a band that’s known for creating extraordinary, atmospheric styles of rock, this enterprising theme is a natural fit.

First and foremost, “Seven Wonders” carries with it a distinctly operatic presence. It’s very showmanlike, taking center stage with a boisterous bravado of a swaggery entertainer. The spotlight shines upon a character showing exorbitant amounts of deference to someone whom they have undying loyalty to. It’s a type of unwavering fealty that’s directed at someone who’s revered as a god among mere mortals. It’s at the level of building monuments that would stand the test of time, kind of worship. Altogether, it has the makings of a grand rock opera set in an ancient era of kings.

In regards to grand monuments, “Seven Wonders” drops a reference to the most iconic wonder of them all, the Great Pyramid of Giza. Furthermore, the track makes note of building a “mausoleum to praise you when you’re here no more.” Nothing much else is more emblematic of god-like rule than being that emboldened to have a massive tomb constructed for yourself. All of this is told from a devout point of view, leaving no room for a question of faith to be proposed.

Altogether, Electric High builds a colossus to call its own through the ingenuity of “Seven Wonders.” It is a towering achievement in the form of a bold style of hard rock opera. “Seven Wonders” is a superstructure monument dedicated to Electric High’s supreme rock prowess. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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