Cyclone /// Electric High

When Norwegian alt rock band Electric High last appeared on this space, the quintet was on a deep space voyage propelled by a stellar brand of high concept rock. Now, with their latest single, “Cyclone,” the band is set on terra firma, but unleashes a vortex of raucous party rock that is hell bent on sweeping you off your feet. Give it a listen and be prepared to lose yourself to a rapid, tussling force of nature born out of a briskly paced melody.

“Faster” is not only the introductory phrase of “Cyclone.” It’s central to the band’s dizzying style of play. It would be a challenge not to head bob along with the speedy flow at hand. Engaging from the jump, it’s an invigorating sound that moves so briskly that you might just give up control of your senses because of how disorienting it can all become.

Another operative theme at work here is control. Look no further than the presentation of “the ringmaster” as a central figure of authority. This conductor of organized chaos is emblematic of someone who basks in the seat of power and holds dominion over a synchronized sideshow. Throw in a reference to “cracking my whip,” and an element of fear is stoked from underneath what is a rowdy track. In reality, you are not in control of what is happening, you’re only a passenger that’s carried by the whirlwind that Electric High has created.

“Cyclone” is a swiftly composed bit of rock that doesn’t hesitate in hitting the turbo boost. In addition, there’s a hidden jangly element that is mixed in for a good measure of toe tapping attitude. Altogether, Electric High have produced a rendition based on raw adrenaline.   

Written by Travis Boyer





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