Time & Space /// Lane Lines

Photo By: Rachel Bennett

Before drifting off to sleep, the external silence often awakens an internal dialogue. Your mind cranks into analytical overdrive, replacing any thoughts of dozing off peacefully with relentless bouts of consternation. Later, any sweet dreams you may have had are replaced by vividly baffling dreams that are beyond normal comprehension. On her new single, “Time & Space,” Seattle dream pop artist Lane Lines transitions from late night thoughts of someone who’s out of the picture in real life, only to reunite in the most peculiar of realms.

“Time & Space” is peak, hyper dream pop, replicating the heart racing pattern that accompanies the racing thoughts that invade your intended restful space. In addition, the layering of Lines’ vocals imitate a spiraling sequence of repetitive thoughts that entrap your mind in a vicious cycle. Altogether, this track is designed not to have any rest for the weary until a medicinal aid finally does its job. 

On the surface, “Time & Space” is about when the hope of a new day fades and is replaced by another night of reluctant solitude. What follows is “lucid dreaming,” aided in part by a pharmaceutical remedy, that projects a strangely evocative setting that could only exist in the emotional depths of the mind. It’s about the manifestations of heartbreak and the subconscious lengths you might end up traveling to arrive at a chance reunion in a dreamworld. Altogether, it’s about the allure of being able to slip into a temporary state of bliss, but it’s not a substitute for the real deal. 

Coincidentally enough, “Lucid Dreaming” is the title of Lane Lines’ forthcoming album. As a preview, “Time & Space” is a swiftly composed and energizing dose of dream pop mania. Altogether unrelenting, this subtly euphoric and anxiety spiking track will have you pacing about until you drop into some fantastically wild dreams.

Written by Travis Boyer





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