Chaos /// Ryan Yingst

Depending upon the creative decisions made, there is a distinct separation between artist and musician. An artist might seek to colorize their melodic vision in unorthodox shades to stand out from the pack. While, a musician is keenly in tune with how instrumentation can be used to produce a rich, raw and earthy resonance all its own. Nashville musician Ryan Yingst’s new single, “Chaos,” thrives upon the natural vibrancy of instrumentalist expertise for a supremely heartfelt experience. 

In a single attempt, Yingst recorded “Chaos” with the aid of some of Music City’s “finest folk players.” The finished product features an organic tandem of guitar, violin, banjo and mandolin that is precise in its technique, but is also deft at appealing to greater emotion. Especially the heart fluttering, string accompaniment that accents Yingt’s strumming style. Altogether, there’s a harmonious array of dexterous proficiency that is audibly on display. 

In addition, Yingst’s stellar songwriting is further amplified by this excellent showcase of skill. The lyrical artwork of “Chaos” paints a picture of being grateful to the one who’s able to bring you back to your senses. Not a traditional love song in the sense of seamlessly skipping ahead to happily ever after, “Chaos” is a song about how two hearts can be akin to jigsaw pieces; jagged and cut indiscriminately, but interlock and complete what the other is missing. Turns of phrases such as “broken bones like scattered homes, falling free” speak to the eminently splintered sense of self that, ultimately, could be mended together by someone with a similar understanding.

All around, “Chaos” feels characteristic of a musician plying their trade the way they know how. From the instrumentation to the songwriting, Ryan Yingst and company rely on their instincts, first and foremost. On a song about, literally, needing a little help from your friends, Yingst chose the right crew to make “Chaos” a reality.

Written by Travis Boyer






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