Artist Interview: Ainjo /// Now That It’s Over

Q: You have such a timeless sound! Who are your artistic influences?

AINJO: Thank you first off! I’m glad y’all enjoy me and my sound, my biggest influence is Amy Winehouse, she has a voice let velvet and she story telling is like no other, Amy will forever be a legend. Summer Walker is a huge influence as well. She’s very raw and honest in her music and lyrics and I’d like to do the same.

Q: Speaking of timeless, I find one of the most timeless aspects of “Now That It’s Over” is your voice. What is your musical background?

AINJO: I grew up singing in church and in high school I was in choir. I’ve sang my whole life but I didn’t become serious about pursuing music till a couple years ago.


Q: Did anything in particular inspire “Now That It’s Over?”

AINJO: Actually yes! It’s funny that you ask that, one day durning COVID I had got a text from my ex and he said he missed me and I was in a place where I was realizing I didn’t want that for myself anymore. Everything felt like it was going downhill because the pandemic and work and music and one day I was smoking and I was just happy. I was genuinely happy, happy to be alive, happy that my toxic relationship was over, happy that everything was falling back in place for myself and with my life. I felt like I had took a breath of fresh air. I heard the beat and it just all flowed out.


Q: Everyone’s on the edge of the chairs, eager for shows to begin again.
You have a variety of performance experiences. What is one of the
“little things” that you miss about performing?

AINJO: I miss showing who I am on stage! I can be very silly when I preform and it’s so much fun and such a good time. I love opening up with the audience about who I am and letting them experience me and who I am and the talent I’m blessed with.

Q: You’ve had a number of solid releases. What’s up next for you?

AINJO: I have a lot of things in the work! I’m releasing a Virtual Concert very soon and merch and it’s all going to be so fly! Also; there might be song more new music dropping very soon! You have to stay on the lookout!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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