Gigi Santos /// Mercury Ocean

Gigi Santos’ new EP Mercury Ocean is a collection of incredibly produced songs that blend R&B and electronic influences to create vivid soundscapes that feel like a dream. A follow-up to her debut EP Sounds of Love released in 2019, Mercury Ocean offers a captivating glimpse into the artist’s unique style.

The first song of the EP is title track “Mercury Ocean”, a dreamy composition that creates an intricate world with layers of synth sounds. A striking beat enters as Santos’ sweet, ethereal voice fades in, softly singing “just let the waves take you away”.  Vocal harmonies and swirling effects envelop you in this rhythmic experience. “Blood Orange” is next, an ominous track that showcases the moodier side to Santos’ sound. 

“No Friends” has a light beat and minimal orchestration that leaves plenty of room to showcase the singer’s versatile and breathy voice through a flawless melody and decorative, flowing harmonies. The R&B influence of the album is very pronounced in “Loot It”, a track that features steady beats and dynamic accompaniment as Santos effortlessly delivers the smooth, syncopated lyrics. Beginning with a soft melody before creating a solid foundation of light drum hits and flowing tones, final track “Duppy” creates the perfect bookend to this entrancing EP.

Based in New York City, Gigi Santos is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who effortlessly blends R&B music with classical, jazz, and Latin styles into a modern sound all her own. With engaging beats, hypnotizing instrumentation, and harmonies that feel like a warm sea breeze, Mercury Ocean offers a chance to drift away on a sea of sonic perfection.

Written by Katrina Charles







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