Ryan SamueŁ /// My Wave

Ryan Samuel’s EP My Wave (Concept) is the kind of creative album that only graces your ears every once in a blue moon. A light, flowing collection that seems to reject conformity and embrace individual freedom, My Wave (Concept) blends impeccable production with a soulful core that defies expectations.

“stowaway” continues the flawless soulful stylings with an undeniable rhythm and instrumentation that perfectly supports the lyrics and Samuel’s vocals and harmonies. “old-fashioned” begins with spacious chords that create a throwback soul sound. The call and response in this song creates a catchy melody that will have you grooving along. “nothing could change it” begins with a slow build before launching into a fast-pace verse complete with decorative harmonies and full, strategic production that frames the vocals perfectly.

“start-up” begins with arpeggiated electric guitar chords in a fast-pace rhythm that continues throughout the song. This tune blends a variety of lyrical speeds to create an incredibly engaging track. The final song of the album is “my wave”, an echoing bookend that takes the overarching theme of finding your wave and closes the chapter with an understatedly intense composition that rounds out the album.

Though My Wave (Concept) will have your attention with its engaging music and production, the lyrics tell a story that will have you listening again and again so you don’t miss a thing. Ryan Samuel showcases not only his riveting performance on this album, but also his creative vision that draws inspiration from pop culture and his own life. When describing one’s wave, or an individual’s way of doing something, the artist explained “if you’re constantly moving on someone else’s wave, you’ll get to shore, and that wave will leave you there. Find your wave! I urge you.”

Written by Katrina Charles

Q&A with Ryan SamueŁ

Q: So, first thing’s first- why a concept album?

RYAN: The reason I decided to create a concept is because I wanted each song to flow into the other, telling 7 stories within the 7 different tracks and ultimately creating chapter 1 of more concepts to come. A concept is a fun way to release music consistently and keep building momentum.

Q: There is so much spark and passion in “My Wave.” Can you tell us how
your relationship with music changed (or stayed the same!) while creating
the EP?

RYAN: ‘My Wave,’ brought me so much closer to my music. It became more than just making songs that sound good. Before this concept, my perception about music was that I should make tracks without getting too personal. However, ‘My Wave’ changed that! This concept was all about expression and captured real and relatable emotions that I was feeling whilst creating the EP, hence the spark and passion. It was also a foundational project that I made with the aim of proving myself not to other people, but to myself, “Just how good can I do?” This was the question that stayed at the back of my mind throughout the creative process.


Q: I really enjoyed the strong R&B presence throughout “My Wave.” Who are your musical influences?

RYAN: I am greatly influenced by a vast number of R&B artists. My hugest music influence, despite the controversy constantly floating around him, is Tory Lanez. I think musically, he is a genius and constantly changes his flow, creating a different vibe in his R&B tracks. All in all, I look up to artists that I can’t replicate, artists that possess their own ‘wave.’ This is what influences me to conceptualize my own wave and my own unique musical identity. Such artists with their own unique sound include: Chris Brown and H.E.R, Dababy, Notorious B.I.G and Tupac on the hip-hop side, among others.


Q: Is there anything specific you hope your audience gains from this musical journey?

RYAN: My main aim was to be in the picture. When my audience thinks of good artists, I simply want to be in that picture and that’s why this Concept was created, to facilitate that. I hope my audience gains a new sound from me and not just the typical sound they would hear on any other random day. I want my music to be different and unique.


Q: You know how to make a statement. What’s next for you?

RYAN: A lot of collaborations and features from other artists worldwide is the next chapter for me. I think it’s always an amazing ambience and energy when artists from similar and different demographics create a song together. My next concept ‘4 The Summer’ will be characterized by a lot of features from independent artists that I have interacted with from all around the world. Stay tuned! Vibe Out!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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