Artist Interview: neontown /// Crazier (Gosteffects Remix)

Q: This is a great remix! Can you tell our readers about the collaborative 
experience with gosteffects?

NEONTOWN, JAC: Oh, thank you so much! We were trying to figure out what our next steps would be after releasing “Crazier” in February, and we were considering releasing a new track. Somehow we felt like “Crazier” still deserved a bit more, and at the same time, we really wanted to start collaborating with more artists out there. So we came up with the idea of creating different versions of the track and we really wanted a banging, dance-house version. We got in touch with Gosteffects (we worked together previously), and we asked him if he was interested in working on a remix for us. He’s a genius, and when we heard the remix for the first time we just felt like we were back in a club after all this time! It just felt really good!

Q: What brought you two together to form neontown?

NEONTOWN, AURE: Lockdown 2020. We feel like if there was one good thing that the first lockdown brought along, it was giving us the chance to dedicate our time to what we like doing the most. We always created music as individuals, but we were so caught up in our robotic work routine that we always thought we would never get enough time to focus on music the way we wanted to. There was this point during lockdown that I spent so much time composing and Jac was constantly writing new stuff. And while we were listening to each other’s stuff, we could just relate to each other’s ideas. So at one point we found each other writing stuff together!


Q: You write, perform, and produce your music. Do you have a favorite component of the artistic process?

NEONTOWN, AURE: Possibly the recording process is the most fun. We are always super focused while writing and composing, and even though it is very fun, it does take a lot of concentration. When we record is when we feel like songs are finally coming alive, and we love experimenting with harmonies and new melodies as we go.

NEONTOWN, JAC: For me, it is the writing process. I always loved writing songs and finding specific words that would really give a feel of what I want to communicate. But yes, the recording part is always so good. It’s the actual test- it is when you find out whether what you have been writing and working on works or whether you need to take a seat and re-think the song.


Q: Writing, performing, and producing your own music is quite a feat. What is your musical/production background?

NEONTOWN, AURE: : I studied piano when I was something like 8 years old? I’ve always been into music so my mum brought me to watch this piano class, and I immediately wanted to sign up. I actually enjoyed learning all the technical bits and how to read music, but at one point I actually started cheating and was asking my teacher to play the song for me first and then I would just play it again by ear. So after a few years, I decided to stop piano lessons and I started writing songs and kinda self taught how to produce. I think while doing it for many years and reading stuff/watching videos- that’s how I got into it. I used to spend days doing nothing but creating and producing, and I knew if I kept doing it, I would always get better.

NEONTOWN, JAC: It was a bit different for me. I started getting into music when I was like 13 or 14. I was a massive fan of Avril Lavigne (I still am), and I wanted to learn how to play guitar and be able to sing all of her songs. So I got my dad’s guitar and started learning on my own. Then it was natural for me to start thinking about words when I was playing, and I started writing them down until I realized I was writing full songs. 

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects we should know about?

NEONTOWN, AURE: We have a couple of things coming up that we are super excited about! The first one is our “Crazier (Than Crazy)” EP coming out on all streaming platforms on 5/28! The EP will include the Gosteffects Remix and two completely re-imagined and re-recorded versions of the track, and they actually sound like completely new songs. We can’t even decide which one is our favorite! There is a feature in one of them with an American artist named Devmo, and her verse is FIRE! We also have our very first online gig on BeatstreamLive on Sunday June 6th! We are currently rehearsing for it and it took quite a while to put the setlist together and we wanted to make sure we would perform all of the tracks that are out already- plus a couple of unreleased ones and covers songs!  Tickets for the event can be purchased from the BeatstreamLive website, or you can find the link in our instagram bio! 

Interviewed by Sarah Scott

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