Psychopets /// She’s so bizarre

The Psychopets’ EP She’s So Bizarre is an album that commands your full attention. With fun, edgy instrumentation that blends the best of synth pop and grunge sounds, She’s So Bizarre is a collection of energetic songs with infectious personality and so much throwback flair that you’ll be digging your neon spandex and flannel shirts out of the depths of your closet.

Title track “She’s So bizarre” launches you into the dynamic album with punchy beats and lead singer Anna’s conversational vocals that are full of attitude. Fuzzy guitar riffs add a surprising depth to the song as it effortlessly shifts through emotional waves. The song also interpolates sections of M.I.A.’s song “Paper Planes” adding an unexpected, familiar element delivered in their own unique way. The next tune “Psycho Bitch” relies heavily on synths during the dark and ominous verse before switching to a bright, upbeat chorus that takes you on an exciting ride as you develop a minor case of sonic whiplash.

“My Diet” has a hard rock intro leading into disjointed instrumentation that accentuates Anna’s syncopated vocal delivery. The chorus soars showcasing the singer’s versatile voice and guitarist Julien’s supportive orchestration that effortlessly ties the ever-changing tone of the song together. “In The Mood to Kill” uses striking sound effects through a guitar build-up before landing on a steady synth bed. This tune features yet another incredible chorus that channels an intoxicating 80s rock vibe.

“Robots” is a fun, upbeat track that gets to the core of The Psychopets’ sassy sound as Anna sings “you might think I’m crazy… well, I am” over rhythmic synths and driving guitar. The final song “Weirdo Down The Street” is a heavy, disruptive rocker featuring haunting melodies and distorted vocals, closing the album with a strong, confident sound that fully sums up the creative power of this duo.

Based in Sweden, The Psychopets is comprised of Anna and Julien, two musicians who have blended their unique styles into one powerhouse of a project. While Anna is a synth-focused singer, songwriter, and producer, Julien is a guitarist and producer. The blend of their talents is showcased in this unique 6-song album and, with their energetic, modern spin on classic sounds, all you’ll want to do is listen again and again.

Written by Katrina Charles




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