Frex’s latest single “Slide” is a balanced, grounded song that begs to be played on a loop. Featuring exquisite, glowing instrumentation that feels like a dream and unique lyrics that are full of personality, “Slide” is the perfect song to listen to while sitting in the sun on a summer’s day.

With a wavering vibration, you are ushered into the song’s chill, relaxed aura. The track is driven by light percussion and rhythmic, pulsing bass that is like a massage for your eardrums. Frex’s voice is conversational and loose as she sing-talks the verse before launching into an angelic, ringing vocal delivery for the drawn-out lines of the chorus. The second verse utilizes strategic syncopation in a way that is engaging and unpredictable; just when you thought you knew where this was going, you are delightfully proven wrong. The production flawlessly melds all of the instrumental and vocal elements into a cohesive experience that leaves you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.

With her unique blend of lo-fi, chill wave, and R&B sounds, the Pennsylvanian singer and songwriter boasts a confident style that is both familiar and intriguingly novel. Showcasing her velvety, versatile voice and dynamic songwriting, “Slide” is a standout track that gives just a glimpse into the talent and fusion-filled vision of this up-and-coming artist.

Written by Katrina Charles

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