Mosez X /// Pull Up

Mosez-X’s latest song “Pull Up” is a track that you can vibe with. Blending bluesy electric guitar instrumentation with clean, rhythmic production, “Pull Up” provides a fresh, consistent sound that blends the best of R&B and soul with catchy, clever orchestration.

With an ambient intro of slow, deliberate electric guitar strums, “Pull Up” begins with an unassuming presence until the beat drops at the verse. Mosez-X’s voice is light and smooth with a subtle electronic effect as he glides through the drawn-out lyrics with an effortless, laid-back tone. The syncopation of his words changes abruptly to a rapid-fire delivery which adds a rich and unexpected complexity to the song. The production is playful and supportive as it ebbs and flows to accentuate the lyrics. 

Based in Louisiana, Mosez-X has gained worldwide attention with his 2019 single “Bad Ting” that was featured on the Australian radio station triple j. After several additional releases, Mosez-X continues to craft tracks that will turn heads. The artist creates music in a classic R&B style with subtle, modern production that perfectly punches up the lyrics; the result is an encompassing, cohesive track that will give you no choice but to move. “Pull Up” continues Mosez-X’s list of hits with a song that will undoubtedly pull the artists up the charts.  

Written by Katrina Charles

Q&A with Mosez X

Q: Your new music has more R&B influences. Can you tell our readers about the evolution of your style?

MOSEZ X: I can say my style originated in church. I really enjoy listening to people that voice forces emotions out of you and to me there’s no genre of music that does that more than gospel. I’m also a huge hip-hop fan, so wordplay is important to me. Those two genres really evolved my style, and help me become a better artist.

Q: You’re from New Orleans, a city with a rich musical heritage. Has the 
city’s legacy and vibrance influenced your sound?

MOSEZ X: The city has definitely shape my sound. New Orleans is a city full of emotions. When people love here they love hard, but when they don’t like you, they let it be known. Everything in New Orleans has emotion; the music, the color of houses, down to the food, so you can be inspired to write something just by walking down the street.


Q: You’ve put out a number of releases in 2021- what has been your recent 
artistic process?

MOSEZ X: Really just locking in. Lights off, headphones on, and let the music itself tell me what to write. 


Q: Is there anything specific that you hope your listeners get from your  music? 

MOSEZ X: The main thing I hope listeners get from my music is my ability to relate to everyday situations. I don’t think anyone is special when it comes down to the test of life and love. We all go through our trials and triumphs, hopefully, anything that I’ve been through can help the next person through music.


Q: As the world returns to normal, what is up next for you?

MOSEZ X: I have the video premiere for my single “Pull Up” dropping soon & a new Ep dropping in the month of June.  I also drop a visual remix to different songs every Friday on Instagram and YouTube so listeners can expect a lot of content coming from me for the rest of the year.

I plan on moving around a lot too, going to different cities, and networking.

To any listener out there thank you for giving me your ear & to you, thank you for having me on your platform.

Interviewed by Sarah Scott



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