Dance With My Ego /// Audreal Gillett

American based artist, Audreal Gillett, has released their latest track, “Dance With My Ego”, which is an emotional indie-pop that has touching lyrics, irresistible melodies, and an exceptional production.

The lyrics on this track are beautiful and touching. The lyrics detail the anxieties and fears felt in relationships and how to not feed your own ego. Lyrics like “You won’t haunt me anymore. I packed my confidence and left it by the door” and “An ego death and i think i like it” are stunning. They perfectly exhibit the free-ing feelings one would feel after the death of your ego and getting rid of the notions of anxiety in regards to a relationship. 

The production and melodies are quite irresistible as well. The production is mostly backed by hard-hitting drums and an ambient-like synth. It adds to the overall mood of the song and gives it a feeling of sadness but hope. It is beautiful. The production also assists Audreal Gillett’s incredible mesmerizing melodies. The feelings that Gillett projects on this song can all be felt by her amazing vocal performance and melodies. It is a powerhouse performance and masterfully showcases Gillett’s prowess over the track. The track also contains delightful background vocals and vocal effects that bring so much color to this amazing track.

“Dance With My Ego” is an excellent indie-pop track that is perfect to listen to while reflecting on the joys and hardships of a relationship. With the touching lyrics mixed with the captivating production and vocal performance, Audreal Gillett exhibits her talents exceptionally well.

Written by Marcus Smith

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