Lágrimas /// Macarena

Macarena has released her latest track, “Lágrimas”, which is a bilingual track inspired by her coming out and escaping from the opinions of others. With the stunning lyrics, emotional vocal performance and melodies, and alluring production, Macarena perfectly and candidly evokes an insurmountable amount of emotion and delivers a heart-wrenching yet beautiful song. 

The lyrics on this track are stunning and poignant. In general this track discusses coming out and breaking free from others’ opinions but as you delve deeper there is so much more. It also touches on breaking the generational cycles of homophobia and it does so in a beautiful way. The song is sung in Spanish and English. The English parts talk about the sorrow and hurt that is currently felt while the Spanish parts talk about love and hope for future generations to finally break that generational trauma.

Some standout lyrics are “There’s beauty in a bubble; new learnings compromise your thoughts of black and white” and “Lágrimas, lágrimas, lágrimas lloraras si vives tu verdad.”  The first lyrics implies that the older generations have so much to learn outside of their own worldview and how they were raised. The second lyric can be translated as “Tears, tears, tears you will cry if you live your truth” which showcases hope that people will be happy if they live in their truth.

This track’s production is also quite masterful. This track takes influences mostly from neo-soul and alternative pop, and it is beautiful. The keys and synths are the backbone of this song and it perfectly complements Macarena’s emotional and outstanding vocal performance. The vocals are haunting but welcoming. When she sings, you can feel the hurt in her voice but you can also discern the ambitions and dreams she has for the future generations. It is phenomenal.

“Lágrimas” is a breath-taking release from Macarena. This song has a very deep meaning and so many layers to it that just make it excel. There is so much emotion in the vocals, lyrics and production, and it is nothing short of magnificent.

Written by Marcus Smith





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