Reaping What You Sow /// Lucrezia

Lucrezia has released their latest track, “Reaping What You Sow”, which expresses the emotions about the process after a tough break-up. Being a beautiful blend of many genres, there are numerous excelling components to this song including the luxurious vocals, the heart-wrenching lyrics, and the alluring yet haunting production.

The vocals are quite rich and velvety; they perfectly capture the emotions of hopelessness and sorrow. The vocals in the verse are delicate but then as the song progresses to the chorus, the vocals explode. It is powerful and could make all listeners feel empathetic. The vocals are then assisted by the agonizing lyrics. With lyrics like, “You can’t run away from the heartache” and “Don’t make it hard for us”, Lucrezia really delves into themes of heartbreak and the despair that’s followed after a breakup.  

The production on this track is exemplary, and is the perfect pillar to showcase the vocals and lyrics. This track is a fusion of a few genres including: soul, r&b, and latin pop. These fusion of genres add a very haunting element to the track but you never want to look away. It is intriguing and makes you want to listen and indulge in every aspect of the song.

However, two standout moments are the flamenco-style guitar solo after the first chorus and the classic piano solo after the second chorus. Both of those solos add such poignant and powerful moments. The emotions felt with those two solos perfectly complement the lyrics and the overall feel of the track. It is heartbreaking yet beautiful.

“Reaping What You Sow” is an impeccable release from Lucrezia. There are a countless amount of elements that make this song astounding but at the center of all of it is Lucrezia. Lucrezia exhibits her prowess over this track, and her performance on this song is nothing less than extraordinary. 

Written by Marcus Smith






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