Anon. (Goldfish in my Bathtub) /// Eleanor Joy

Anon. (Goldfish in my Bathtub) is the latest release of English Chamber/Dark Pop artist Eleanor Joy – a song with as powerful a meaning as it has emotion. The single is a part of an upcoming project called “Know me by name,” which she is working on as a Songwriting student at Leeds Conservatoire.

The song opens up with little accompaniment besides an echoing piano to a quivering voice and a moving story, allowing us to float within the spaces, in the water alongside the goldfish that swim through the lyrics and cover art. Eleanor Joy had a musical upbringing under the context of worship, and we can hear some of the influence it carries within the beautifully stacked, choral-like harmonies that breathe through long strokes of vibrato, and strong phrases full of emotion in the choruses; a piece of work that is reflective in nature, like water. 

Anon. is named so through inspiration from a bible story, but also is named in honor of those who have lived with, struggled with, experienced, or “felt despair at the arrival of their period.” Eleanor Joy uses the fictional narrative of a woman and her pets in their “unusual cage” and opens the floor for mourning past desires, developing our humanities a little more along the way. 

Ending as softly as it begins, this song carries a careful energy of beauty and sorrows that captivates easily enough to wind up sitting through a few listens before even realizing it’s repeated itself, only to bask in the music for a few more rounds immediately afterwards.

Written by Yannick Mirko





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