Starting Again /// ettie

Starting Again is the release from London-based artist ettie – the third single from her recently released debut EP, ‘manic pixie dream girl.’ In the track released before this one, ettie professes and embraces her queer identity, and in Starting Again, she tells us about the beginnings of new love and experiences, ones that reveal emotions beyond our wildest fantasies through the structure of a captivating alternative-pop song.

There is credit to be owed to pop-punk and dream-pop artists, with ettie describing her own sound as “James Blake meets Hayley Williams,” which we can hear in the sounds that all come together to formulate the grandiose sort of anthem that feels like it belongs in an art-house movie.

Specifically, we hear ettie give her heart to us, and to her new love, through confident, clean vocals that pierce through the heart with such elegance that it’s a welcomed experience. After all, it is a song dealing with a difficult topic. 

“Coming out later in life comes with a regeneration. You go through love and dating simultaneously as someone who has experienced it before, but also someone who hasn’t,” ettie says. “Your memories are yours, but they are also someone else’s. Someone you aren’t anymore. And this time it feels right. You’re starting again.” 

With crashing cymbals, power chords galore, and an empowering, forward-moving beat, ettie helps us have the same self-realization and step into a couple of minutes where we too believe we are pushing forward, and experience starting over, right there with her. 

Written by Yannick Mirko





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