Lifetime /// Lauryn Marie

Lifetime is an incredible five-song EP from singer-songwriter Lauryn Marie. It includes songs that were written her freshman year of college, and produced in her bedroom.

The opener Insecure, about “feeling overpowered by the memory of someone; even though they’ve long been out of your life, their words still echo in your head and make you feel insecure,” takes us to the core of the emotion, with brutally honest lyrics like “I’m tired of having to say I’m sorry”and  “I fight and I fight hoping one day that this hurting will be dead,” Insecure blends saddening lyrics with the sound of the best day of your life, through a folk/indie pop lense. 

Daisy, a song with more country rock vibes, feels like a best friend trying to save you from a silly boy and his dangerous ways. A play on the old English Harry Dacre song from the 1800’s, ‘Daisy Bell (On A Bicycle Built for Two)’ a tune inspired by one of the many mistresses of King Edward VII, this song time travels us into hopeless romantic whimsy, but carefully, as we avoid trouble.

In the third (and darkest) song of the EP, we can hear some of the Taylor Swift inspiration through the bouncy melodic and bass lines, helping us understand the emotional strain the situation can put you in. Walk, is about “being afraid of walking alone at night, especially as a woman,” a song that’s incredibly strengthening, but also unfortunate in its need for existence. 

Spider is about the shadow that stays after a ‘creepy crawler’ leaves a corner in her room, and how it reminds her of someone. “There’s a spider crawling on my ceiling, I wish I could ignore it but this panic in my chest twists when I look away, so I can’t look away.” A very soft sung and played song by vocals, piano, and guitar. 

The final and title track, Lifetime, about “realizing a relationship you’ve imagined in your head isn’t going to happen and letting it go,” is much like the other songs on this EP, in that it’s a song full of love and light. We close out our experience with a track that pushes us forward to a future where everything is better than it was, and where we smile when we want to, because we can.

Written by Yannick Mirko






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