Can’t Wait To Wake Up In The Morning /// Max Bianco & The BlueHearts

Can’t Wait To Wake Up In The Morning is the latest release from singer-songwriter Max Bianco & The BlueHearts, a song about your eyes being opened to the truth of how many people in the world suffer, but remaining optimistic about tomorrow being a better day.

Recorded and produced in a shed, this song that was written at 8am the day after attending a BLM protest (literally – he woke up, wrote it, and immediately went back to bed) tells a story of resilience and positivity, a moving on from the past and a moving forward towards a better tomorrow.

To the sound of vocals, guitar, bass, piano, drums, and bouzouki (the only instrument that needed more than one take), this hopeful country folk tune tells us not to worry, and reminds us of all of the good that can be in our future. 

Great songs can take a while to come to fruition at times, which happened with this one, taking a moment to reach completion due to a lot being on the plate of the artist. Though, it seems its timing is almost better off because of it. “I think it is the right time to release it now as it looks like some kind of end to the pandemic is in sight,” says Max Bianco.

It’s a good thing he’s equipping us for our adventures back into the world with an epic added track for the playlist as we road trip into happier days with ourselves, and maybe even the friends we care about most. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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