The self-titled EP from Glasgow based singer-songwriter, book publisher and firefighter Dale, is a chance for us to see him breathe easier, after working in an environment where he’s been trained to “never, ever, show emotion.”

A healthy blend of acoustic guitar/instruments with mixes of produced percussion and synths, SIDE A (the Dale EP is being released as a cassette) is an elaborate song and dance that really dives us into a hypothetical take on how life would be if he never managed to escape the sheet metal factory he once worked at, and the small-town life that came with it.

As well as the rest of the EP, SIDE A carries the theme of “using escapism and love as a way of processing the day to day woes of a working-class person, and the joy that can create. Five songs are linked through a day in the life of a story told through recordings of a trip to the sea.”

An amazing EP full of vivid storytelling, Dale manages to take us deep into the lives of these people through sounds of people talking, running towards and jumping into the sea, alien wurling noises, and more. SIDE B goes a step further with his performance of an original audio story called “The Tallest Tree In The World,” as a demonstration of his love for short fiction. 

This is a project full of a lot of creativity, imagination, and heart, and is an inspiring listen, as well as a soothing, and engaging one – very much a pleasure to listen to. 

Written by Yannick Mirko





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