Holding You Back /// Grand Alpaca

Holding You Back is the most recent single from guitar driven Norwegian singer-songwriter Grand Alpaca, part of a song by song release of his debut album, Staying Quiet Is An Easy Young Thing To Do: a project he’s spent the last three years working on.

Comparing his sounds to “a soothing Californian sunset [rather] than a weather heavy Norwegian fisherman-village,” Holding You Back allows us to face our pasts with a calm nature keeping us steady.

The scenery of a warm and all consuming sound built by delayed guitars, vulnerable lyrics, a guitar solo that soars through the sky, and vocals/harmonies that feel like a much needed hug after a long day, Grand Alpaca gives us what we need out of a profoundly moving song. 

The single is an interpretation of the impact our past can have on present decisions, like “a demon looking over your shoulders.” It can also be confirmed that (as suggested by Grand Alpaca himself) it’s a song that is very well suited for town bike rides and beach days at the end of the summer. Produced with Norwegian indie legend Kenneth Ishak (Beezewax) and mastered by Oli Morgan at Abbey Road Studios, it’s a single that leaves no choice but to feel eager for whatever is to come next.

With the crisp, clean intention of emotion in this song in both it’s songwriting and musicality, Grand Alpaca is sure to move audiences and listeners everywhere, with powerful music that makes days better. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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