The Toronto based artist, Kylo, has released their latest track, “Follow”, which is an eclectic emotional summer pop track. With the moving lyrics, the enchanting vocal performance and melodies, and superb production, this soul-stirring track is perfect for the transition of summer into fall.

“I’ve been searching and if you go, I’m not gonna follow” are the most prominent lyrics on this track and it sets the mood for the entire song. “Follow” details the feelings of losing someone you have been with for a while and watching them change into someone/something you do not recognize. The lyrics are beautiful and Kylo masterfully exudes those feelings of loss. It is tragic yet magnificent. “Follow” is anthemic and makes you want to scream the lyrics from the top of your lungs. 

The melodies and production are very eerily infectious as well. Filled with ambient soundscapes and the moody drums, the production is a perfect complement to the melancholic lyrics. It allows the listener to feel all the emotions that Kylo exhibits. The production also assists Kylo’s mesmerizing melodies and vocal performance. The vocals and melodies are extremely hypnotic and is the perfect cherry on top of this emotionally filled track. The vocal performance is relaxed yet intense and perfectly showcases Kylo’s mastery over the song.

“Follow” is a superb electronic/synth-pop song release. It is full of emotion and soul, and with the melancholic lyrics mixed with the enthralling melodies and production, Kylo exhibits all her talents exceptionally well and shows that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Written by Marcus Smith





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