You, Me & Everything /// Sam McLeod

Sam McLeod has released their latest track, “You, Me & Everything”, which is a loving ode to someone you hold very dearly and the marriage that comes from it. With the minimalist but grand production, affectionate lyrics, and evocative vocal performance, Sam McLeod flawlessly captures the feelings of love and wanting to cherish that special someone.

The lyrics are candidly affectionate and moving. The lyrics tell the story of marriage and what being married is actually like. It discusses the wedding, the days after the wedding, and the truth about being with someone forever.  “You, Me Everything falls into its place so let’s have our dance” is the lyrics that echoes throughout the chorus and perfectly exemplifies the warmth felt throughout the song. Sam McLeod unequivocally takes you on a journey of what a marriage is truly like.

This song’s production is also quite masterful. It takes a minimalist approach as there are only a few instruments used and it is proficient. The production gives a feeling of endearment, and lends well to the beautiful lyrics. It essentially makes you want to fall in love, and this all complements McLeod’s grand vocal performance. Mcleod is poignant, moving, and powerful especially in the chorus which especially can be seen in the chorus. 

“You, Me & Everything” is a superb release from Sam McLeod. The love and affection felt on the wedding day and the truths of being in a marriage forever, are feelings that Sam McLeod perfectly exhibits on this track. In conjunction with that, McLeod’s performance on this track was nothing short of magnificent.

Written by Marcus Smith

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