American based artist, Geo, has released their latest track, “Feel It Now”, which is an enthralling neo-soul and r&b jam detailing the positive aspects of love, intimacy, and feminine energy.

The lyrics on this track are bold, provocative, and refined. The lyrics detail the intimacy between Geo and her partner, but from Geo’s perspective giving it a divine feminine energy to the track. Lyrics like “Look me in my eyes lips start to grin; message from down low it trickles in” and “your demise lays in the magic fountain; i wanna be all that you desire” are stunning and dominant. They perfectly exhibit the possessive feelings one might feel during intimacy while also showing the influence and power Geo has over their lover.

The production, melodies, and vocal performance are quite enticing as well. The production is backed by a steamy bass, jazz-like drums and an ambient synth. These elements add to the overall feel of the song and results into a beautiful soundscape that Geo is able to navigate effortlessly. Geo glides and weaves through the beat masterfully while exhibiting her amazing vocals and creating show stopping melodies. It masterfully showcases Geo’s prowess over the song. An extraordinary moment in this track is when the beat switches during the last minute and gets progressively more intense. It was the absolute perfect way to end this song.

“Feel It Now” is a superb neo soul and r&b track from Geo. It profoundly exhibits the positive aspects of love and intimacy, and it delves deep into feminine energy. With the captivating production and vocal performance mixed with the provocative lyrics, Geo demonstrates her talents extraordinarily well.

Written by Marcus Smith




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