Drives Me Wild /// Waitwhat and Akacia

“Drives Me Wild” is the evocative latest track from Waitwhat and features vocals from Akacia, and the loving lyrics truly define the atmosphere of this song. The amazing vocal performance from Akacia combined with the beautiful and vibey production from Waitwhat creates a genuinely memorable and enjoyable piece of music.

Finding that certain person that changes everything from black and white to a life full of color is something that most people have gone through in their life and this song perfectly encapsulates those euphoric feelings of love and warmth.  “I like everything about you. Everything you do drives me wild” are the most prominent lyrics and truly summarizes the feelings of the song. Another lyric that has the same effect is “My life was in black and white but it got color the very moment the day you walked into my life”. The lyrics are then backed by Akacia’s beautiful and powerful vocal performance. Through her vocals, she is able to exhibit all of the feelings expressed by the lyrics.

Apart from the lyrics and vocals, the production is also masterful. The production is very light and acts as a nice balance to the warm lyrics. The killer synth and piano keys in the verses lead to this euphoric drop in the chorus that brings the song so much life. The similar yet contrasting drops in the first and second choruses are standout moments for sure. Where the first drop is a bit more subdued, it feels as if the second drop is brighter and full of life and color which would go with the theme of the song. 

Waitwhat produced a beautiful electronic pop track that summarizes the feelings of meeting someone who brings so much color to your life. The vocals from Akacia are powerful. The songwriting is euphoric. The production is masterful. This track is nothing less than exceptional.

Written by Marcus Smith

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