Take The Blame/Once In A Lifetime Daydream /// Snap Infraction

Take The Blame/Once In A Lifetime Daydream are a two-single release from Philadelphia-based rock and roll artist, Snap Infraction, made up of energetic musicians Steve Karsh and Tony Iannuzzi.

A solid head banger, sure to do well with any crowd at a pub, beach, anywhere people go to party. Take The Blame was actually written quickly and out of necessity. Snap Infraction already had the plan for Once In A Lifetime Daydream as a B-side, and needed another track for the release. It was inspired partially by a documentary on The Who (which is referenced in the roaring bass solo), the tune sends us into a mosh pit with a full band giving all the energy they’ve got, along with clever lyrics that make you feel cool when you sing along with them: “it’s my professional opinion that the other side is winning…but that’s just what they want you to think.”

A refresher for the ears of lovers of classic and garage rock, we’re transported back to that sound, while getting a new, refined version with a hip-to-now value to it, that flows organically out of the song. 

The B-side of the release takes a break from head banging, and hands us an ice cold drink, as we daydream and flick through “empty pages for words lost through the ages.” With holiday vibes and Beach Boys-esque harmonies in the choruses, hopping bass lines and chipper percussion send us to a chill, contemplative place where everything is okay. All in all, the release is a refined story, pleasurable listen, and heavily repeatable experience. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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