Waves /// Alexis LaBarba

Alexis LaBarba is an NYC based actress, and singer songwriter, opening up to us with her live recorded track of magic, Waves. Written in the midst of daily piano playing during a pandemic, the uncertainty of the world inspired Alexis to write.

Representing the “highlight reel of a relationship,” Waves comes to us with a soft lyrical entrances and exits both in melody and words, that help us understand the shore-like in and out of someone’s presence: “The waves with you get me so high, you say hello, you say goodbye.”

Written in Brooklyn and recorded in New Orleans, Alexis brings all of her soul into the performance and arrangement, welcoming in pipe organs and steel guitars (sounds of the south where she was born and raised), along with a buttery voice that glides through exquisite runs like surf boards across waves, the piece floats us into a happy place, danceable and full of life and love. 

Alexis herself spoke on the experience of creating the record, stating: “It was such a joy to create and came from a time of introspection. I hope to bring listeners that same joy.”

In a world full of uncertainty, it’s clear that Alexis LaBarba has stories to tell through her performance and music, and does so in majestic, and beautifully articulate ways that are a shame to miss. Waves is a timeless work that would have successfully been on the charts 20 years ago, and could also be a hit even now, it’s a moment of luck to find this song whenever you do!

Written by Yannick Mirko





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