Keep Your Head Up /// Brian Allison

Brian Allison is a Nashville based artist, debuting as a solo artist this year with his release of the inspirational and emotional, Keep Your Head Up.

Allison wrote the song at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, when we had little to no understanding of the circumstances we were in. “We all went through an emotional rollercoaster of fear, uncertainty, anger, and sadness during that time,” he states. “I hope that this song will touch people in a way that can help them raise their spirits through difficult times.” 

With the message of finding strength in difficult times, it’s not a surprise that we are welcomed into the atmosphere of hope with a string arrangement, however, the way it’s done here is so special. It shines as a duet with the powerful vocals at times, as Brian soars and belts his hope out into the world, we hear the strings do the same, in a way that allows us to cry our problems out, because we can hear the push we needed to go on, within the emotions conveyed so powerfully through those elements of the song, as well as the piece at large. 

Belting and singing lightly when needed, he’s able to bring us in and out of the corner of the room we’re sulking in, and shows us a window full of light, with the lyrics holding our hand as we’re shown the way: “Don’t let the reason you’re here swallow you up with your fears…keep your head up high when things are looking down.”

The track is incredibly grandiose and cinematic, and could easily enhance the soundtrack of your life, as well as any movie or show. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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