Amputation /// Falkevik

Falkevik is a Norwegian piano trio, releasing Amputation in anticipation of their second album, premiering September 17th 2021, with plans for a European tour in the Spring of 2022.

Drums that pump your angry blood through your veins as the pianos play the dissonant chords that display the feelings of being “threatened to follow the norm in society and all the consequences that can occur if you dare to break out and be yourself.”

Lyrics like “Try to run now, have the nerve, and I will find you,” really show us how much we’re supposed to contain ourselves to stick to status quos, and how anxiety-inducing that experience can be. Falkevik combines the Nordic jazz tradition with quirky and elegant pop melodies, which gives us the urge to dance while we’re running away, with no chances for rest.

Their music video for Amputation is a mystical stop motion feature, full of headless silhouettes dancing in lines, band members flying across the screen playing their instruments, and backdrops that constantly move behind the artists, providing an eerie and enchanting visual that captures us as terrifyingly and creatively as the song itself does on it’s own. 

With nods to their jazz traditions and new waves of contemporary elements, Falkevik comes together to build out-of-this-world sounds and works that are hard to take the repeat button off of. Hopefully, they’ll be able to tour soon, so the world can hear the music they’re waiting for, and get to enjoy it in person. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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