Blackpool /// Sandi Glowe

The previously Manchester-based, Italian singer songwriter Sandi Glowe takes a step away from the tone of her last project ‘Power Weakness,’ a dark synth-pop project, giving us a perfect end-of-summer slowdive in Blackpool. 

The track opens with an electric guitar arpeggiating into spaced yet emotion-affirming drums that burst open for us during the chorus, when we’re also joined by angelic backing vocals, and the power of the sound “just stops the wings.”

The flow of the song is carried by the vocals, in which Sandi gives us the deepness of retrospection in all of its beauty through lyrics that paint the portrait of our experience with the same level of imagination authors use in books that you accidentally stay up late reading night after night: “The truth stays in these metal bars, they go back on themselves and never end. I would die to live that again, In the cold wind after a lost hand.”

The kind of song that can be both slow danced to with a special someone, or danced to crying alone, the versatile groove set by her swaying of the band and voice, really gives a grandiose feeling in the listener. After all of the power and storytelling, we’re left with the guitar playing on it’s own, into silence, much like how we met the song. 

“The song has been written raw, acoustically after a trip to Blackpool, my first trip to Northern England,” Glowe says. “Now that life has brought me to move back to Italy, this song has a special message: life hits you, things change and you move on, but what a place has left in you, is now an indelible memory that ‘grooved’ that path that brought you here, right now.”

Saying goodbye to the place that shaped her musical career must’ve been incredibly difficult, though having been there must’ve also been a great pleasure, and Sandi Glowe has the level of performance that deserves to tour the world, in part because of her going there, and her leaving. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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