Heat And Disorder /// BADSOMA

BADSOMA consists of a one-man band/producer from Orange County, California, where he claims, “the sun shines incessantly and nothing ever happens.” Through the heat and boring nature of his environment, he was able to achieve personal and artistic growth, and demonstrates those five years of personal work in the debut track, Heat And Disorder.

As an indie/dream-pop song about “homesickness and the feelings of transcendence and timelessness,” there is a certain responsibility within the words and the sounds to capture the feeling of floating in space. Luckily for us, BADSOMA understands the task at hand, and throws us elements that stick out on specific sides of the stereo like comets flying past us, with the four-on-the-floor backbeat as our jetpack, propelling us towards the light and groovy next couple of minutes. 

Elements are even added into the vocals, making it seem like the signal is being lost, while time speeds at the speed of light. You can hear partial influences from BADSOMA’s inspirations: LCD Soundsystem – for the “pulsating grooves”, Tame Impala – for the “psychedelic veneer”, and Radiohead – for the “Zen-like universality,” and each element adds its own unique twist to it, mixing together for the perfect blend of a standout artist.

A song touching deep elements of life, Heat And Disorder does a great job of helping me make sense of my world a little more. It explores different ways of catching your attention through playing with sounds in such a creative way, makes a person wonder what it would take to get a song like that out of five years of work themselves. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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