PROJECTIONS /// Kate Brunotts

New York-based artist Kate Brunotts recently released a song inspired by the sampling styles of Tyler the Creator and Kanye West. Reminiscent to Kate of August, “hot, sticky, and nostalgic” – we enter into the world of her upcoming EP, “all caps,” coming September 24th.

Hazy harmonies behind synths that explode into room-filling glow of neon sounds that fly everywhere like smoke in wind in decadence, alongside empowering bass lines, and vibes that make you want to leave it all out on the floor. Kate claims herself as a producer, singer, songwriter, and music engineer, and this song is the grandest portfolio for such an artist; a true wonder of a song on stereo speakers, in headphones, off of my phone speaker, (everywhere, it’s just great everywhere).

The way that – when you listen to it – it so suddenly becomes such a large part of that moment of your day, and all of a sudden just ‘shuts off’ and makes you instantly sad that it went away is so incredibly impressive. The ending and beginning both give you the same gasp for air, and the arc of the song is also very in touch with itself; it’s a brilliant work that makes more sense than most things have for a long time.

There are few songs out there that have that effect, and PROJECTIONS left me not only in absolute awe for a few days, it also inspired me to pursue music engineering more, because now I know the kind of magic that can be made, and that the sounds in our heads can actually come to life, to share with others. We’ve heard a sample of the sounds to come, so it’s understandable to note ‘all caps’ on your highly-anticipated release list, for the rest of the music behind the incredible Kate Brunotts. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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