Lift Off /// Atem S & By Proxy Music

The American based artists, Atem S and By Proxy Music, have released their latest collaboration, “Lift Off”, which is a psychedelic synth pop track. With the whimsical lyrics, astounding melodies and vocal performance, and a stunning production, this song will have you reflecting on living life for yourself and not for others.

“You like it so much ‘til you wanna give it up, and lift off for what for you” are the lyrics that resound throughout the chorus and they truly set the mood for the entire track. The lyrics tell the story of wanting to disconnect from social media, liking things so much and living life for yourself. The lyrics have a very free-ing sense to them as you can feel the want and need to emancipate from the addictiveness of social media. 

The melodies and production are very infectious as well. The production has a lot of disco elements to it with the 70s sounding synths and percussion that is reminiscent of that time. It is like a psychedelic take on a disco track, and it is nothing short of excellent. It gives this wonderful liberating vibe to the song, and it allows the listener to feel as free as Atem S and By Proxy Music. The production also assists the incredibly mesmerizing vocal performance and melodies. All the feelings that are projected through the vocals can be felt by the listener extremely well. The vocals, especially during the chorus, are stunning and add the overall sense of freedom.

“Lift Off” is an excellent disco inspired synth pop track. It is a superb release with a beautiful meaning of needing to disconnect from social media and live life for you. With the prominent lyrics mixed with the enthralling melodies and production, Atem S and By Proxy Music exhibit their prowess over this song. 

Written by Marcus Smith





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