“Sugar Rush” is the latest pop anthem from rising independent artist, Helen, and the playful lyrics truly define the atmosphere of this song. The stunning vocal performance combined with the eclectic production truly make this an unforgettable piece of music.

“I’ve got all kinds of flavors, my favorite is the one with no savior” is a lyric that perfectly represents the playful nature of “Sugar Rush”. This track is about having so many options when it comes to romantic relationships. The song rings with confidence and anthemic lyrics that everyone would want to hear. It is empowering and makes the listener believe that they can have so many options too. With all the fun and spirited metaphors, it only took Helen one day to write it and she says it was the most fun she has ever had writing. 

The production of this track is also magnificent. Produced by Jamie McArdie, it has all the makings of a pop anthem. It is very euphoric and infectious, and it is the perfect foundation for Helen to exhibit her powerhouse vocals. Throughout the song, Helen never lets up and constantly showcases her prowess over the track. One standout moment in this song is during the bridge/breakdown and last chorus. During the bridge, the production sits back as Helen’s vocals shine with only the percussion backing her. Then it switches and the production shines which then goes to the last chorus with added harmonies and adlibs. It is euphoric. 

“Sugar Rush” is a superb release from Helen. The vocals are mesmerizing, the production is magnificent, and the lyrics are playful yet empowering. This track is marvelous and a perfect comeback for Helen. 

Written by Marcus Smith




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