Wishing Well /// Monroe Moon

“Life is nothing but a dream . . .” Michigan-based ‘triphop’ style band Monroe Moon rockin’ it since 2018, hypnotized us with their moody synths and tightened band, for a song that flys us into the stars, titled Wishing Well.

Right away, their influences of The Smiths, Portishead, Cocteau Twins, and others are clearly heard in the roll out of the rhythm, kept engaged by a solid drum kit, before we’re soon joined by the rest of what fills such an incredible three minutes. Written for the lead singer Bunny Monroe by her husband Theo Malkin (who is also the guitarist on the record), we really hear the affection, and wish for a better tomorrow through such empathic lyrics, “Life is nothing but a dream, slowly waking in between…questioning what is real, passing time will always heal.”

Wishing Well “sounds like the noctilucent clouds, illuminated by the sun from beyond the horizon, look, and is over just as quickly, leaving that little ache in your heart,” according to Bunny, which sums up just how visual the experience feels and is, perfectly.

And if it weren’t enough to send us home with the single, the release also comes with an incredible shoegaze River City live studio recording. From the dancing synths and wide opening choruses, we come into a more intimate space within the live version, giving us a chance to dance through the first version, and use the live version as a moment to take a deep breath, and really let the moment sink in, providing us with a full circle musical experience.

Written by Yannick Mirko






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