Pain /// Under Delusion

Pain is the latest single from Moscow-based alternative-rock band, Under Delusion. A song full of emotional release, we’re asked to take the hands of the band, and trust that feeling these feelings won’t sink us into a hole – and they successfully delivered.

The first thing noticed in the song is how clean the quality of everything is: sound, execution, emotion behind playing – it’s all there. With conviction and the perfect blend of longing and darkness, the timbre of the singer really throws us into the depth of the pain felt.  “I feel pain…can’t take it out. In my veins, in my bones…” 

Pain is a song that came to us when we needed it – in the midst of a world caught on fire, where we barely interact with our feelings of pain to push on through the day. It forces us to sit and pay attention to what’s going on inside of us, through listening to retrospective lyrics that make you question the same things about yourself that are contemplated by the band. 

Uniting escapism and “profoundly human uncertainties,” we’re both pulling on the side of the rope that is itching for an angry release, and also pulling on the other side of the rope in the life of tug-of-war, where we just want to throw a hopeless tantrum, throwing the personal belongings of a not-so-nice-person out of the window, into the street. 

It’s plain to see the sheer life-long passion and united experience within the members of Under Delusion, being that they are all well into their thirties, showing that it’s really never early or late, to pursue the goals.

This being only their fifth release, being graced with deep, dark key changes and moving parts in songs that aim to “call out to the deep thinkers and emotionally uncertain alike,” it leaves a strong curiosity in the listener as to what exactly might be coming next. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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