Locked In /// Catching Arrows

Locked In is the latest release of the female-led, Boston-based, pop/rock band Catching Arrows: a song that captures not only a historic moment in time, but the experience through the perspective of a band of friends, in a way that is relatable though the story might not be identical to your own.

In a tightly-knit and presented piece, Catching Arrows hits us exactly where it hurts, to heal. Addressing the pandemic has been difficult for some, but Locked In could potentially be the release they’ve been seeking, to recognize that the ages of ‘Zoom-everything’ are soon over. The band follows the singer, both rhythmically and melodically at times, bringing a togetherness to the separated lyrics (written over zoom calls), which feels methodical, in an almost theatrical way, “A million calls without a face, it’s not quite the same. We sit around locked in all day, I still feel insane…”

The lead singer captures us with her powerful ability to glide through falsettos and belts with soft runs on the way up and down, clear signs that the head and the heart are invested in the performance, same to be said with the band. “Never been through this before, stuck between all these walls. Don’t let the memories crash, let the past be here.”

In a time of complete uncertainty, the members of Catching Arrows all stayed there for each other, not only as friends, but as artists, motivating and inspiring each other to not lose the magic of music or life, through creating together. It’s an amazing song (and band) for the meaning alone, so it’s an absolute pleasure to hear and recognize that audibly, it holds up the same way. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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