Losing My Mind /// Linda

Losing My Mind is the latest release from Budapest-based aviator and musician Linda, who is returning to the stage and studio after a 10-year hiatus from her previous album, to give us the track we’ve all been needing.

This might possibly be the funkiest, grooviest song to come out of the pandemic. It’s hard to see a situation where your love interest is being indecisive as fun – but the refreshing energy Linda brings with her positive perspective of just ‘shaking it off’ is admirable, and incredibly inspiring.

The emotion in her voice really conveys such a positive, uplifting energy in the middle of a possibly tense conversation, we hear her choosing joy, and want to follow suit. Linda’s voice was already there by means of quality, soaring through everything in the same way she mastered flying in the air – and the world is better for this gift she shares with it. 

There is a lot to be impressed by in this song. One of the more miraculous points being that Linda’s producer Ábel Mihalik (whom she met during the pandemic), plays all of the instruments in the song. Upon initial listening, the song almost feels live, which is helpfully aided by the visual effects her lyrics give, with Linda singing about just wanting to go out and dance.

The groove is there, the live energy and joy is there, and the passion for the craft is there. It feels special to listen to because it’s really good, but also because of what it means, for this music to come back into her life, and for her to share it after so long, is truly a privilege to be a part of. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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