Reviens Mon Coeur /// Marie Minet

French artist Marie Minet opens her heart to us, and shows us how it beats, through the latest of her releases, a single going by the name of Reviens Mon Coeur (which translates to come back my heart/my love).

A song that swings in step and time, we feel a sense of immediate closeness with her, as the music and voice clearly show that she’s ‘all in’, and we should follow suit. Be fooled not by the cheery nature of the instrumentation (though please dance to your heart’s desire), as this is a heavily melancholic ballad-esque piece of work that reflects on the nostalgic feeling of lost love, said best by Marie herself as “A passionate and bewitching song, depicting a past passion of which the artist desperately refuses to admit the outcome.” 

Reviens Mon Coeur is accompanied by a music video, where Marie takes the stage to fully express her heartbreak and despair.

Pulling herself in and out of focus under a spotlight as she sings about lost love, we are able to see her experience the pain in a new way, that is vulnerable and brave. 

Marie is soon to release her first ever album, Clair-Obscur, and as a part of the process is presenting for the first time in concert in Paris on the 22nd at le Theatre du Ranelagh (more information about the show, band members, and tickets can be found here), and is expected to throw a great show, and have an even greater career.

Written by Yannick Mirko






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