Dream Away The Lonely (Acoustic) /// Love, Lies and Fiction

Dream Away the Lonely (Acoustic) is the softer, more openly vulnerable version of the song, originally released in a more uptempo, and differently arranged light, from the South Florida-based rock/pop band by the magical name of Love, Lies and Fiction.

“The radio in this old Cherokee keeps singing heartbreak songs, I’ve been driving west and crying all day long….” The band named themselves with a plan to speak to the human condition, and didn’t stop at that alone. What’s so special about this piece is that they represent that in more than (though also very incredibly through) lyrics that make you want to give the whole band a massive hug. Love, Lies and Fiction took it upon themselves to build a soundscape and environment safe for us to cry along, and the gift that is cannot be measured by anything more than immense amounts of gratitude. 

It isn’t possible to put a timestamp on the moment the song started to feel like it was reading a page out of my book, but if it had  to be narrowed down, it took a second. And everything after that second was healing, beyond belief. A song about a break-up can be done so many ways, but this one does it in the most honest form: through experiencing the good memories that crash over you immediately after, and holding you while it happens, while trying to hold itself. 

“This song was hard to sing for years, and today, we hope it speaks to anyone who’s suffered a breakup and is struggling with moving past it,” says band member and songwriter Eric Jackson. “It gets better, with time. You have to go through the sad and get past it. Good luck.”

Written by Yannick Mirko






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