Death Of Me /// The Chase

Death Of Me is the latest release of the four-piece Nottingham-based indie-rock band The Chase,  releasing just alongside their Isle of Wight Festival debut,  in late September of 2021. Put by the band as “a pragmatic take on the subject of love, almost presenting itself as a modern response to The Beatles’ classic ‘All You Need Is Love’,” the song rocks and rolls us to love with the grandiose trumpet solo ending it as proof (among many other magical elements).

The band is made up of friends that have played together since young ages (as young as 8 for one of them), and you can absolutely hear the unity of sound within their playing – not only in the evenness of everyone’s playing, but in the feeling behind it. 

A definite head banger, taking us up and down on a four minute emotional rollercoaster with dips and twists that move too fast for us to even see coming (though they’re the greatest twists of our lives when they happen).

Death Of Me takes the black and white extremes that can come within romance, and emulates it through such differentiating pieces of work – very jazz like horns versus very punk rock drums, for example – making a melting pot of genres melding together to form an emotionally perfect track, though they ask you to ‘slam your boot wherever you please’. 

The Chase manages to pull off covering both the humor and the tragedy of love in a transformative song that allows you the space to yearn when you need to, and scream when you need to, with the soundtrack to guide you through the motions. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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