Bored And Numb /// Moonroof

Philadelphia-based indie-pop band Moonroof – a group so fine tuned they’ve shared the stage with Death Cab for Cutie, Grouplove, and The Lumineers – shares with us their take on the modern era of dating through apps, with a bangin’ track called Bored and Numb. 

“Everytime I meet someone I get bored. I get numb…when I meet someone new.” With a very youthful rom-com-esque wide open drum set over a charming electric guitar, Death to Me takes elements of guitar and vocals that bounce around softly in contrast to the presence the drums and bass have through their sharp hits and space filling impressions. 

With a 2000’s nostalgia, Bored and Numb presents itself as a song about the loop of meeting people where you can never seem to find the ‘right one’. The sounds are reminiscent for many, which gives it the itching-to-hear-it-again quality you’d want out of a song that sounds like you’re on top of the world, similar to the feeling of love.

Given how popular the concepts of dating apps are nowadays, it’s easy to understand the frustration and routineness of getting to know people over and over again. As frustrating as it is, it also comes with excitement. Death Of Me makes sure to give us the giddie-ness of the first few messages through a whimsical horn mixture to an indie-pop, veering towards rock, work of art. The Chase delivered and executed another incredible release with this one, adding to their catalog of really remarkable music that will stand the test of time. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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