Courage /// Somber Distortion

Courage is the latest release from Finland-based alternative artist Somber Distortion, a track completely worked on by them alone. From playing in different underground bands for most of his life, Somber Distortion has taken experiences and tools, to create the groundbreaking sound and feeling within these first few solo release.

With the sense of belonging being attached to music as such a huge part of life, Somber Distortion opens a door into his life through his music, and shows us his deepest feelings through the art form in ways writers aspire to reach. 

A slow, reverbing electric guitar and glistening drum kit open us up, into an almost ‘just waking up’ of the voice, as Somber Distortion slowly enters into frame, whispering to us eerily about the feelings that come with change. The voice duets with the guitar, until the chorus when strumming takes shape and forefronts a little more aggression, shaking us into the present moment with its aggression.

Getting to the depth of the point without intimidating or shocking a person outside of the experience of the song can be difficult, but Courage captures everything necessary to its story, without ever turning its back to us. 

Much like the currents of water we see powerfully wash across the screen as it overlaps with Somber Distortion playing and singing in the music video, the arrangement of sounds takes us over, and shuffles us through it’s motions, much like the way life forces us to adapt to the difference between yesterday and today, and the things we have no control over. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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