Easy To Run /// Carnival Mind

Carnival Mind, the “songwriters’ songwriters, and the musicians’ musicians” hailing from Australia, come to us with a new release, the new-but-already-classic Easy To Run.

With a hope to resonate with people on deeper and more personal levels without compromising the basics of the ‘age old craft’ of writing music, Easy To Run opens up with a simple and elegant acoustic guitar greeting us with emotive vocals that question if there’s more to life, as we sit and drink alone in darkness.

With a video touching base with our wanderlust and waking it from its slumber, we see visions of the Brooklyn Bridge at night and San Francisco with the “the California sun shining on my face.” 

There’s an openness within the performance that puts forth the frustration in all of us, as we grow older and learn the world. Almost as if the band is in your living room, reading your mind and singing it back to you, Easy To Run asks us to go for a ride, and graces us with the best time when we take them up on it. 

Inspired by being “just sick of Ed Sheeran”, and with paying respect to their “dear friend Jack Daniels” whom this would not be possible without, Carnival Mind successfully writes the wrongs of popular music, with a fresh acoustic sound that looks into us as much as it allows us to look into them…making the five minutes we’re all together the only time in your life you don’t want to run from the moment. 

Written by Yannick Mirko





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