The Things That Keep A Man Alive /// Aaron Yorke

Aaron Yorke, the award winning and recent BBC Introducing 2020 Artist of the Week, returns to the studio with his folk singer-songwriter stylings and an 80’s inspired pop ballad, The Things That Keep A Man Alive. 

“I am just trying to find some meaning, and how to keep this dream alive…” From pretending to have written Phil Collins’ songs at age 7 to actually writing ballads now, it seems Yorke has carried every moment of his life up until now, and brought every emotion into his writing and performing. A song about carrying on despite the obstacles we have to face in life, The Things That Keep A Man Alive really shows us the most vulnerable parts of the artist as he realizes it’s “too late…to fall back in line.”

Coupled by an electric guitar that singles out it’s own melodies as it plays alongside Aaron’s varying soft vocals that transform into powerful belts, the band feel behind him seems to be the strength he needs to carry on. “Lately I’ve been really needing all the things that keep a man alive.”

Taking over the West Midlands with his powerful songs and performances, it’s a matter of time before the word spreads that part of what keeps us all alive is music like Aaron Yorke’s. Though somber in meaning, it leaves us feeling a little more hopeful – the piano sounds beautiful, though it’s sad. If Aaron has the courage to live through the moments that are the hardest and share them with everyone, it’s only right that we share ourselves with him, and cry while we listen, if we feel the need. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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